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0003504SymmetricDSImprovementpublic2018-06-05 20:55
Reporterwoehrl01 Assigned Tommichalek  
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Product Version3.9.8 
Target Version3.9.8Fixed in Version3.9.8 
Summary0003504: SyncTrigger slow due to synchronized this.getClass() on AbstractDatabasePlatform.getTableFromCache
DescriptionI profiled the SyncTrigger step and found out that the most time on a new startup is due to a long wait time in the method AbstractDatabasePlatform.getTableFromCache.

Also most of the time is spent in fetching the data from the database and all the fetching should be executed on working threads. (see inactivateTriggers() -> futures -> awaitTermination.

But because of synchronized this.getClass() in AbstractDatabasePlatform.getTableFromCache all these calls are serialized. As I don't see a benefit in domain logic of having this synchronized, I'd suggest removing the synchronized in resetCachedTableModel() + getTableFromCache() and replacing the HashMap with a ConcurrentHashMap<>()

I can provide a PR if desired, but I'm not sure if I overlocked something.
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2018-04-03 04:25

reporter   ~0001160

ConcurrentHashMap caused Nullpointer.
tableCache = Collections.synchronizedMap(new HashMap<String, Table>());


2018-05-08 11:22

reporter   ~0001181


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