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0003710SymmetricDSNew Featurepublic2018-09-06 18:00
Reporterjosh-a-hicks Assigned Tojosh-a-hicks  
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Product Version3.9.14 
Target Version3.9.14Fixed in Version3.9.14 
Summary0003710: Jdbc Batch bulk data loader
DescriptionA new bulk data loader to provide jdbc batch execution based on a provided size rather than one row at a time. To turn on set the sym_channel.data_loader_type to 'bulk'. If the dialect being loaded does not already have a bulk data loader implementation the jdbc batch implementation will be used.

There are two additional parameters that also can be used to configure this data loader.

db.jdbc.bulk.execute.batch.size - Defaults to 25 but can be adjusted to the number of statements that will be batched together.
db.jdbc.bulk.execute.batch.override - Defaults to false, but turning this on will override the provided bulk loader with the jdbc batch loader.
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