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0004698SymmetricDSBugpublic2021-01-11 13:47
Reporterpmarzullo Assigned Topmarzullo  
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Product Version3.12.5 
Target Version3.12.6Fixed in Version3.12.6 
Summary0004698: Sybase Quick Config fails to get schemas when changing catalog selection
DescriptionWhen there are more than one catalog (database) defined in Sybase, and the catalog selection is changed during the Quick Config wizard, the retrieval of the schemas fails and removes the schema drop down field.

If the tables desired to synch are in the dbo schema, they are available to select, but when the trigger is saved into sym_trigger, the source schema is not saved with it, and the creation of the triggers fails when synch triggers is run.

We need a ChangeCatalogConnectionHandler to be created when using Sybase ASE.
Steps To Reproduce1. Create more than one database to be made available from Sybase ASE.
2. Create more than one schema in the databases.
3. Run the Quick Config wizard against the Sybase ASE database.
4. Change the selected catalog to another catalog.
5. Schema drop down will be removed.
6. Save generated triggers from wizard.
7. Source schema will be empty and will cause the create trigger functionality to fail.
Tagsdialect: sybase, trigger


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0004698: Sybase Quick Config fails to get schemas when changing catalog
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