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0006296SymmetricDSBugpublic2024-04-19 15:46
Reporterpmarzullo Assigned Topmarzullo  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.15.3 
Target Version3.15.4Fixed in Version3.15.4 
Summary0006296: DefaultDatabaseWriter sql(...) method parsing sql statement during exception needs changed
DescriptionWhen an exception occurs when executing a send SQL batch, it is parsing the SQL and changing a CREATE OR ALTER statement to a CREATE OR CREATE statement.

The parsing sees the ALTER string and changes it to a CREATE, causing the CREATE OR CREATE to be executed.

We should also log the exception that we are trying to parse to easily determine if our parsing is having problems.
Tagsdata sync


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SymmetricDS: 3.15 3966f6cc

2024-03-18 17:43:32


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0006296: DefaultDatabaseWriter sql(...) method parsing sql statement
during exception needs changed
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mod - symmetric-io/src/main/java/org/jumpmind/symmetric/io/data/writer/ Diff File
mod - symmetric-jdbc/src/main/java/org/jumpmind/db/platform/mssql/ Diff File

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