Released 2012-09-08
0000792: [Improvement] Support tables with names greater than 50 chars (chenson)
0000793: [Bug] Columns of type OID and LO in Postgres do not work with sym_trigger.use_stream_lobs set to 1 (chenson)
0000794: [Improvement] Support the lo datatype in postgres (chenson)
0000795: [Bug] ip_address field is not long enough to contain ipv6 addresses (chenson)
0000796: [Improvement] AbstractSqlTemplate should report an error if a named parameter map is passed in that does not contain a required parameter (chenson)
0000797: [Bug] table structure sync with wildcards (chenson)
0000798: [Improvement] Refactor and improved Subselect Router, External Select, and Column Match Router documentation (chenson)
0000799: [Bug] Tutorial initial load select needs single quotes around external id variable (chenson)
0000800: [Bug] DbFill is incorrectly generating new random values for columns containing a FK reference. (abrougher)
0000803: [Improvement] Check that column names match column values in the abstract router. If not log details. (chenson)
0000804: [Bug] Derby update trigger doubles up the row data (capture columns twice) (chenson)
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