Released 2012-09-12
0000807: [Improvement] Allow the symmetric-core parameter parser to work with other parameter files. (abrougher)
0000808: [Improvement] Document installing as a service for Ubuntu (chenson)
0000811: [Bug] H2 trigger template doesn't resolve schema (chenson)
0000812: [Improvement] Better document various options related to inital loads in the User's Guide (chenson)
0000813: [Bug] Trigger and Router Cache should be refreshed prior to syncTriggers (chenson)
0000814: [Bug] SqlScript autocommit=false with unique key error doesn't rollback or report exception in listener (chenson)
0000815: [Bug] decode() function needs qualified in most recent version of Greenplum (mhanes)
0000816: [Bug] Log messages in AbstractJob are reversed (chenson)
0000817: [Improvement] Take only the first 50 characters of an ipaddress in order to make sure database save to tables doesn't fail (chenson)
0000818: [Bug] Support alters tables statements for column size changes in postgres (chenson)
0000819: [Bug] Support alter table alter column on H2 when column size changes (chenson)
0000820: [Bug] Inactivate database trigger when trigger_router is removed. (chenson)
0000821: [Bug] Mark data row as unrouted if no trigger_router can be found for it (chenson)
0000822: [Improvement] Add new constructor to ClientSymmetricEngine so SymmetricDS can share an embedding application's Datasource and Spring Context (chenson)
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