Released 2012-10-23
0000863: [Bug] When testing to see if a symmetric trigger exists on postgres, also check for the existence of the function (chenson)
0000825: [Improvement] Improve error handling around SymmetricEngineHolder if the engines dir isn't writeable or isn't a directory (chenson)
0000834: [Improvement] Add clarity to mention of CRON to differentiate Springs version vs the typical Unix one. (mhanes)
0000846: [Bug] SymmetricDS won't work with database names with a '-' in them on MySQL (chenson)
0000847: [Bug] dbexport does not extract timestamp columns correctly on oracle or postgres (chenson)
0000851: [Bug] Add primary key to SYM_REGISTRATION_REQUEST to make Azure happy (chenson)
0000856: [Bug] DbExport to XML and SYM_XML does not escape data (chenson)
0000859: [Bug] Changing external_select on sym_trigger does not cause syncTriggers to regenerate a trigger (chenson)
0000862: [Bug] Wildcard matches in sym_trigger match more than they should (chenson)
0000864: [Bug] LoadFilterService insert method fails. Effects the pro gui. (chenson)
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