Released 2012-10-29
0000860: [Bug] Timestamp with timezone doesn't work with timestamp new wins conflict resolution (chenson)
0000868: [Task] dbimport needs to support imports from xml format (chenson)
0000870: [Improvement] Do not attempt to route data if a node does not have an identity (chenson)
0000875: [Bug] Node attempts to re-register when it attempts to pull from a non-registration server node that does yet have its security record (chenson)
0000876: [Improvement] During schema upgrade log the old version before attempting upgrade (chenson)
0000883: [Bug] Non-authenticated pull wasn't being recorded as a failed pull attempt in sym_node_communication (chenson)
0000884: [Bug] Documented property is not supported. Add support. (chenson)
0000877: [Improvement] Downgrade not supported. Don't allow a older version of symmetricds start up against an newer schema (chenson)
0000882: [Bug] Stats Purge Job needs to be clustered. Running on multiple nodes can cause deadlocks (chenson)
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