Released 2013-02-26
0000396: [Improvement] Updates of primary keys are not captured on SQL Server (gwilmer)
0001045: [Bug] Upgrade from 3.0.9 to 3.3.1 fails. Fix the oracle dialect so it can run alter statements to change column sizes (chenson)
0001047: [Improvement] Incoming Error's cur_data columns should reflect values at moment of conflict, not values prior to start of transaction (mhanes)
0001048: [Bug] Timestamps are not exported correctly using dbexport. (abrougher)
0001049: [Bug] DbExport allows --sql option without a table name argument. (abrougher)
0001050: [Improvement] Introduce conf/ which contains http/https/jmx port/enabled settings and other server specific setting (chenson)
0001057: [Bug] Postgres datetime with timezone not formatted correctly when timezone offset < 0 and timezone offset has minutes (gwilmer)
0001058: [Improvement] Provide access to include-on and source dml type in bean shell transforms (mhanes)
0001061: [Improvement] Support synchronization of Oracle Synonyms (chenson)
0001066: [Bug] Reverse initial load may be computed and routed before triggers are done synchronizing when a client first registers (chenson)
0001067: [Bug] syncTriggers called multiple times when multiple batches have queued up for the client and at least one has config changes (chenson)
0001070: [Bug] If trigger table name changes and the new trigger table name doesn't exist, the old triggers don't get remove from the old table (chenson)
0001071: [Improvement] Column transforms are being called even if the includeOn does not match. Only effects custom transforms that take some action. (chenson)
0001074: [Bug] sym_node_channel_ctl should not be included in the list of tables to load during registration (chenson)
0001075: [Improvement] Turn on sym_trigger.use_capture_lobs and sym_channel.contains_big_lobs by default for sym tables and the config channel (chenson)
0001076: [Bug] Update transform that falls back to insert does not retransform (chenson)
0001077: [Bug] SymmetricDS has to be restarted to recognize a change in the data load filter table. (chenson)
0001078: [Improvement] Allow sym_load_filter.target_table_name to be left blank so that filters are applied to all tables (chenson)
0001051: [Bug] --jmx-port and --jmx-disabled command line help is not available (chenson)
0001068: [Improvement] Add new extension point ILoadSyncLifecycleListener which gets callbacks before and after a load sync (chenson)
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