Released 2013-04-03
0001133: [Bug] Multiple reverse reloads can be queued up because of timing issues (chenson)
0001137: [Improvement] Rest API Enhancements (gwilmer)
0001140: [Bug] SQL Server 2000 triggers are being created using the 'max' keyword, which 2000 does not support. (abrougher)
0001141: [Bug] Prevent invalid warning that expected ack was not received (chenson)
0001144: [Bug] When a reload is queued up the outgoing batches should be marked as OK in reverse order so as to not cause FK issues (chenson)
0001151: [Bug] NullPointerException can happen on reload events queued up by sym_table_reload_request during an upgrade (chenson)
0001155: [Bug] Audit router causes NPE on MySQL. (chenson)
0001156: [Bug] Fatal Error (like OOM) could possibly cause a reload event to be stranded in sym_data and routed to all child nodes (chenson)
0001157: [Bug] Don't allow api status methods if the engine isn't registered (gwilmer)
0001131: [Bug] NPE in conflict resolution when detecting a conflict using TIMESTAMP and existing row doesn't exist (gwilmer)
0001134: [Bug] An incoming batch can be left stranded in the ER state after an initial load sets the outgoing batch to OK (chenson)
0001135: [Bug] enable flags for ssl are not working (chenson)
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