Released 2013-05-29
0001220: [Bug] Wrong number of sym_data_events being logged when routing common batch (chenson)
0001221: [Bug] lookup column transform throws null pointer when used during extract (chenson)
0001227: [Bug] Reading of MySQL tables can sometimes include the PRIMARY index if the primary key columns aren't at the start (chenson)
0001238: [Bug] Issue with detecting whether batch is common or not. (chenson)
0001239: [Improvement] Add the ability to NOT add triggers to a client database until initial load has finished (chenson)
0001242: [Bug] ping_back settings broken for conflict resolution. class cast exception. (chenson)
0001211: [Bug] Backwards compatibility change. Use the client's Charset-Accept http header to decide what encoding to use. (chenson)
0001214: [Bug] reloadTable race condition (chenson)
0001215: [Bug] The initial load sql is not overridden in the reloadTable method (chenson)
0001232: [Bug] NullPointerException in BshDataRouter for reload events (chenson)
0001233: [Bug] DataService.insertData(Data data) should populate external_data (chenson)
0001235: [Bug] https settings in not working with sym_service (chenson)
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