Released 2013-06-06
0001246: [Bug] Oracle NUMBER datatype is incorrectly mapped to an Integer data type. (abrougher)
0001253: [Bug] Node communication records can be stranded (chenson)
0001254: [Improvement] Allow additional paramters min idle and max idle on connection pool (gwilmer)
0001256: [Improvement] Add a parameter that turns off writing to sym_incoming_batch altogether unless there is an ER (chenson)
0001257: [Bug] common batches report data_event_count on outgoing_batch only on the first batch (chenson)
0001258: [Bug] When an incoming_batch is finished, it's status is updated twice. (chenson)
0001259: [Improvement] Add JMX method to extract batches to a file for a node and time and channel ranges (chenson)
0001244: [Bug] Mariadb driver is chosen even though the MySQL driver is specified (chenson)
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