Released 2013-08-27
0000780: [New Feature] Allow specific columns to be chosen with the USE_OLD_DATA conflict detection option
0001397: [Improvement] Conflict detection mechanism USE_CHANGED_DATA should be able to specify columns to ignore. (abrougher)
0001381: [Bug] transform_table.target_table_name should be optional according the documentation. the transform code requires that is be set (chenson)
0001395: [Improvement] When data is transformed the old values are not retained. (abrougher)
0001399: [Bug] Config and heartbeat batches can be lost if initial load is scheduled (chenson)
0001400: [Bug] Implied transforms are not implying individual DML transforms. (abrougher)
0001404: [Improvement] Add to turn on functionality to better control character encoding on MySQL (chenson)
0001405: [Bug] If sym_trigger_router.initial_load_delete_stmt is not set, then the initial.load.delete.first.sql property should be used (chenson)
0001396: [Bug] Null pointer in log message when initial load extract job is turned on and a table takes longer than 60 seconds to extract (chenson)
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