Released 2014-02-15
0001562: [Bug] Routing using TransactionId causes bad routing when H2 DB is restarted (chenson)
0001571: [Bug] Old data isn't being used for primary key columns in transforms when the transform type is copy or implied (mhanes)
0001420: [Task] Generate parameter documentation automatically from (elong)
0001566: [Improvement] Column match router support for "contains" and "not contains" (elong)
0001578: [Bug] Jobs can lock up if jobs.synchronized.enable is on and routing.peek.ahead.window.after.max.size is smaller then data rows (chenson)
0000810: [Improvement] symadmin reload-table - pass multiple tables (elong)
0001568: [Bug] NullPointerException when initial.load.create.first is on using wildcard trigger definitions on postgres (chenson)
0001455: [Bug] Audit tables don't get created (chenson)
0001484: [Improvement] Firebird trigger should be created at a position other than 0 so that users can define triggers that fire before the sym trigger (chenson)
0001565: [Bug] Ambiguous reference to sysindexes (elong)
0001567: [Bug] Transforms that are symmetric aware can get the wrong symmetric engine when multi-homed (chenson)
0001569: [Bug] System clock goes too fast (elong)
0001572: [Bug] Windows Problem Calling sym.bat from Another Drive (chenson)
0001573: [Bug] Peek ahead window smaller than expected (chenson)
0001574: [Bug] Too many routers are run when file sync targets more than one node group (chenson)
0001576: [Improvement] File Sync's default batch algorithm should be nontransactional (chenson)
0001579: [Bug] target_base_dir can be null in file_trigger. causes null pointer in filesyncservice save of snapshot due to / replacement (mhanes)
0001580: [New Feature] Expose the relative target directory as a variable that can be scripted in order to flatten the directory structure in file sync (chenson)
0001583: [Improvement] Create new value map column transform (mhanes)
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