Released 2014-03-02
0001586: [Bug] Stage manager doesn't check to see if a file is actually deleted when it qualifies for cleaning. (chenson)
0001593: [Bug] Background initial load extract can get stuck. (chenson)
0001597: [Bug] Overlapping database pull processes after connection outage - Default pull.thread.per.server.count=1 (chenson)
0001601: [Improvement] Add Map-based methods to TransformData so one can more easily lookup target transform data (mhanes)
0001602: [Improvement] Allow old source values to be accessible to other column transforms than just copy column (mhanes)
0001603: [Improvement] Create new 'copy if the value has changed' column transform (mhanes)
0001604: [Improvement] Create a set of two transforms that can map a series of columns to a series of rows based on a Map (mhanes)
0001608: [Improvement] Reduce default purge retention period (elong)
0001610: [Bug] CopyIfChangedTransform should only evaluate on non-delete DML (mhanes)
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