Released 2014-03-16
0001636: [New Feature] Add capture changed data only to Postgres (elong)
0001629: [Improvement] SQL Server bulk loader option to fire triggers (elong)
0001630: [Bug] SQL Server bulk loader extra spaces causes truncation error (elong)
0001631: [Bug] CSV is missing "columns" row when two different sets of columns are being used with three different inserts or updates (chenson)
0001632: [Bug] SQL Server bulk loader does not handle BLOB (elong)
0001633: [Bug] MySQL bulk loader error with Windows-based server (elong)
0001634: [Improvement] Snapshot utility properties show changes, remove passwords, and sort (elong)
0001638: [Improvement] REST call for client to know how many batches and rows are waiting (elong)
0001639: [Improvement] MySQL and SQL-Server bulk loaders loading rows multiple times (elong)
0001645: [Bug] MySQL bulk loader does not load NULL (elong)
0001646: [Bug] MySQL bulk loader columns out of order (elong)
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