Released 2014-04-29
0001697: [Bug] Extract millis aren't captured on outgoing batch when initial.load.use.extract.job.enabled is true (chenson)
0001299: [Improvement] Transforms should be case insensitive when matching catalog, schema, tablename and columns to make configuration much easier (chenson)
0001649: [Improvement] Default auto.reload.sym.tables.on.upgrade to false (chenson)
0001672: [Bug] network_millis on outgoing batch is incorrect (chenson)
0001673: [Bug] snapshot functionality null pointers in open source (chenson)
0001684: [Improvement] Passing the correct data type to select data statement improves performance on Postgres (chenson)
0001685: [Bug] early commit doesn't work when data rows are in conflict. the uncommitted count doesn't increment (chenson)
0001698: [Improvement] Provide the ability to pass the load time and network time to be populated in outgoing batch via the rest service (chenson)
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