Released 2014-05-27
0001590: [Bug] Router job deadlocked
0001708: [Improvement] Disable page level locking and enable row level locking on sym_data and sym_data_event (chenson)
0001367: [New Feature] Create bulk loader for SQLServer (gwilmer)
0001712: [Bug] null pointer at startup when sync.url is null in the database (chenson)
0001713: [Improvement] Add initial.load.before.sql and initial.load.after.sql which can contain sql that runs on the client before and after a load (chenson)
0001722: [Bug] Trigger errors for large numerics on SQL Server: Arithmetic Overflow Error (josh-a-hicks)
0001671: [Improvement] Cache node group links (chenson)
0001714: [Bug] The keystore type should be settable via a system property. It is currently hardcoded. (chenson)
0001715: [Improvement] Add a new column transform that can be used to set a column to the value from a SymmetricDS parameter (chenson)
0001725: [Improvement] MSSQL Bulk Loader support for UNC paths (elong)
0001726: [Bug] When is enabled on SQL Server and old data capture is off, updates don't work (chenson)
0001728: [Improvement] MSSQL Bulk Loader support for columns in different order (elong)
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