0001903: [Improvement] Clean up console installer (elong)
0001847: [Improvement] Outgoing Batch Improvements (abailey)
0001898: [Bug] When canceling a failed load, set the batch error_flag=0 (abailey)
0001899: [Bug] If a form doesn't save, keep advanced options shown if they were at point of save (abailey)
0001900: [New Feature] Read batch data from the staging manager in Incoming and Outgoing Batches on Batch Id click (abailey)
0001901: [Bug] Execute as script and Execute sql under cursor buttons should be disabled unless the sql area contains text (abailey)
0001902: [Improvement] Tables in ChooseTablesToReloadWindow should be sorted alphabetically (abailey)
0001904: [Improvement] Table sorting should be case-insensitive (abailey)
0001905: [Improvement] Collapse the "Enabled" column when linking triggers (abailey)
0001906: [Bug] parameter edit screen doesn't show configured parameters when using views other than ALL (chenson)
0001908: [Improvement] Transform Auto Create should only populate tables with a trigger router (abailey)
0001909: [Improvement] When creating a new Transform, the trigger router should be found using the catalog and schema based on trigger/router options (abailey)
0001911: [Improvement] Router Type and Router Expression should always be displayed together (chenson)
0001912: [Bug] formatting of the sql explorer settings dialog is off. (abailey)
0001913: [New Feature] DbFill now has the capability to print the sql to the command line and to the Sql Editor. (abailey)
0001914: [New Feature] Ability to restore a parameter's value back to the default value (abailey)
0001915: [Improvement] Refactor the TabularResultLayout code from SqlRunner to its' own class (abailey)
0001916: [Improvement] Add the CTRL+M window maximizer to the ReadOnlyTextAreaDialog (abailey)
0001918: [Improvement] Make the Edit Scripts dialog for Load Filters resizable and maximizable (abailey)
0001919: [Bug] Fix Sql Explorer issues for Oracle (abailey)
0001924: [Bug] Bad parsing for dashboard link to batches screen (chenson)
0001927: [Bug] row number resets after 100 on outgoing and incoming batch panels' show batch data screen (chenson)
0001928: [Bug] The outgoing batch show shortcut doesn't explictly set the channels when selected "Show All Batches" (chenson)
0001934: [Improvement] Minor improvements to the Manage Outgoing and Incoming Batch Screens (abailey)
0001690: [Improvement] License key storage and updates (chenson)
0001932: [Improvement] Add more information to the About Panel (abailey)
0001933: [Improvement] Add the transform id to the edit columns window. Disable edit columns button if item selection in table isn't 1 (abailey)
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