Released 2015-01-20
0002135: [Bug] bsh column transform can pick up source columns from previous tables in the batch (chenson)
0002136: [Bug] Changing a primary key with an implied transform does not work (chenson)
0002139: [Improvement] Log original conflict error message if available. Makes it easier to identify root cause conflict issues. (chenson)
0002144: [Improvement] When transformed data is retransformed it should only try to match the key values if more than one transformed data is returned (chenson)
0002145: [Improvement] Do a better job of table lookup when case is suppose to be ignored. Lookup across catalogs and schemas is now case insensitive (chenson)
0002147: [Improvement] Add validation and better error message if the parsed tokens doesn't match the column count of the last parsed table (chenson)
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