Released 2015-01-29
0001385: [Bug] dbimport fails to create SQLite tables with foreign key restraints (chenson)
0002124: [Improvement] Support foreign keys in ddl builder for sqlite (chenson)
0002152: [Bug] DDL errors on DB2 i5 AS/400 (elong)
0002148: [Bug] When checking for gap expiration compare data create times against the database time, not against the symmetric server time (chenson)
0002155: [Improvement] Reduce updates to sym_node_communication (chenson)
0002158: [Improvement] Snapshot util should just package up all files with the .log extension in the log directory (chenson)
0002159: [Improvement] Add database time and server time to support snapshot (chenson)
0002161: [Improvement] Interrupt working threads when a symmetric engine is stopped. Also check for interrupted threads when processing data. (chenson)
0002163: [Bug] Configured extension with a node group id of ALL is not working (chenson)
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