Released 2015-12-15
0002328: [Bug] Error during use of dbexport feature on PostgreSQL database (chenson)
0002436: [Bug] INSERT converted to UPDATE without FALLBACK conflict resolution (chenson)
0002433: [Bug] "TIMESTAMP(6) WITH TIME ZONE" is not supported by Data Loader Type of "Oracle bulk loader." (mmichalek)
0002443: [Bug] Node communication stops running a push thread for a node (elong)
0002453: [Bug] Make the precision of the fractional millisecond capture on oracle timestamps configurable or default to FF (versus FF3) (chenson)
0002454: [Bug] Use DATETIME2 in DDL when available on SQL-Server (elong)
0002455: [Improvement] Use current_timestamp instead of current_date for defaults (elong)
0002456: [Bug] Use unicode for bulk insert file on SQL-Server (elong)
0002460: [Improvement] Redshift driver support (josh-a-hicks)
0002462: [Bug] Replication does not restart after network reconnection between servers (chenson)
0002463: [New Feature] Redshift support for converting clobs to varchar max size (josh-a-hicks)
0002464: [Bug] If individual column templates are changed in a trigger template from release to release, triggers are not rebuilt (chenson)
0002465: [Improvement] Add support for Oracle's XMLType (chenson)
0002466: [Improvement] Add property to disable setting the the h2.basedir system property (chenson)
0002467: [Bug] Issue 0002367 broke insert transformations (chenson)
0002468: [Improvement] Set push.thread.per.server.count to 1. It should not have been bumped up to 100 in 2.7.22 (chenson)
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