Released 2016-08-08
0003130: [Improvement] Guard against case mismatches in trigger id's and router id's when doing table reloads (mmichalek)
0002699: [Improvement] Copy directly to staging when nodes are on same server (elong)
0002997: [Bug] It's not possible to send a reload of just the files right now. (elong)
0002691: [New Feature] Partial initial loads (josh-a-hicks)
0001570: [Improvement] Add custom_before_insert/update/delete_text to trigger for help with routing dependent rows (chenson)
0002420: [Bug] Tutorial on the website gives 404 error (elong)
0002683: [New Feature] Add an api to get trigger text from the ddl utils IDdlReader and implement it for databases that support triggers (rsunderhaus)
0002548: [Improvement] Remove old heap dumps on startup (elong)
0002555: [Bug] REST : postRegisterNode (postRegisterNodeByEngine) using GET method (elong)
0002574: [Improvement] Improve performance of the transfer to and from staging (elong)
0002449: [Bug] File sync sometimes not deleting files with delete_after_sync option (elong)
0002458: [New Feature] Add arbitrary text at the beginning of the trigger (elong)
0002598: [Improvement] DbFill cascade foreign key dependencies (elong)
0002609: [Improvement] Disable file sync by default (elong)
0002611: [Improvement] Heartbeat batches build up when node offline (elong)
0002591: [Improvement] Add transactions to DbFill (elong)
0002618: [New Feature] Throttle network bandwidth usage on channel (elong)
0002638: [Improvement] Allow send-schema to send all tables when no tables as arguments (elong)
0002642: [New Feature] Table trigger configuration to provide included columns setting (josh-a-hicks)
0002651: [Improvement] Add built-in variables for use in beanshell extensions (elong)
0002653: [Improvement] Make unrouted data collection optional (elong)
0002565: [New Feature] Add VoltDB Dialect (mmichalek)
0002635: [Improvement] New data loader type on channels "bulk" to represent any bulk loader if support by platform (josh-a-hicks)
0002661: [Improvement] Perform locking in-memory when clustering is disabled (elong)
0002662: [Improvement] Perform node communication locks in-memory when clustering is disabled (elong)
0002665: [Improvement] Reduce number of times parameters are reread during startup (elong)
0002666: [Improvement] Cache offline node database parameters used by node communication (elong)
0001614: [Improvement] Parallelize the synchronization of triggers to improve performance in a system with lots of tables (elong)
0002667: [Improvement] Use node identity cache (elong)
0002670: [Improvement] Only update sym_node_channel_ctl when using extract millis on channel (elong)
0002671: [Improvement] Use node group link cache for source and target nodes (elong)
0002674: [Improvement] Route for only channels that have data waiting to route (elong)
0002580: [Improvement] Send keepalive during push or pull to prevent connection timeout (elong)
0002668: [Improvement] Use node security cache (elong)
0002677: [Improvement] High CPU for routing to determine common batch status on channels (elong)
0002679: [Improvement] Add event logging to service wrapper start up (elong)
0002680: [Improvement] Avoid updating status of outgoing batch for small batches (elong)
0002681: [Improvement] Only query incoming_error for batch being retried (elong)
0002682: [Improvement] Cache outgoing batch sequences (elong)
0002564: [New Feature] dbcompare feature (mmichalek)
0002577: [Improvement] Separate thread for transfer and loading or extract (elong)
0002603: [Improvement] Retry batches from staging instead of sending them again (elong)
0002658: [New Feature] Initial load defaults to initial load extract in background (josh-a-hicks)
0002675: [New Feature] Ability to add extension point for the purge service (josh-a-hicks)
0002687: [Improvement] Support File Sync on Android (mmichalek)
0002526: [Improvement] Improve performance of data gap detection (elong)
0002547: [New Feature] Notification of system event problems (elong)
0002664: [Improvement] Misc performance improvements (mmichalek)
0002693: [Improvement] Use node cache (elong)
0002701: [Improvement] Disable Offline Push/Pull By Default. (mmichalek)
0002702: [Improvement] High CPU usage from Table.getFullyQualifiedTableName() (elong)
0002704: [Improvement] AbstractDatabasePlatform.parseTimestamp should always return the Timestamp type (rsunderhaus)
0002625: [New Feature] Hybrid Pull Feature (mmichalek)
0002498: [Improvement] Service fails after Java upgrade (elong)
0002477: [Improvement] Add command line options to sym that allow me to run a single push or pull (elong)
0002525: [Improvement] Outgoing load summary was designed to only retrieve "reload" channel. (josh-a-hicks)
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