Released 2017-12-15
0003339: [Bug] Retrying batch gets ignored/OKed if = false
0003333: [Bug] Pull extract is broke when is set to false (chenson)
0002903: [Bug] DataExtractorService is not incrementing DataBytesSent and DataSent (elong)
0002445: [Bug] Reload channel can get "starved" after it goes into ER when there are lots of pending batches on other channels (elong)
0003274: [New Feature] Setting to block or unblock channels during initial load error (elong)
0002309: [Bug] Error during initial load - send from stage (elong)
0002911: [New Feature] Immediate re-pull when data was just pulled (elong)
0002502: [Improvement] Allow notes or comments for triggers, routers, table routing, and transforms (kstojanovska)
0002684: [New Feature] Support Custom Jobs (mmichalek)
0002912: [Improvement] Prevent reading out database password via rest api (elong)
0003124: [Improvement] Sym_sequence table change column name cycle to not be an ANSI reserved word (josh-a-hicks)
0002937: [Improvement] Disable and deprecate Grouplets feature in 3.9 (mmichalek)
0003053: [Improvement] Default handle_key_updates in sym_trigger to 1 (chenson)
0003060: [Bug] Data generated by a transform isn't visible to later transforms (when using multiple load transforms on one table) (mmichalek)
0003087: [Improvement] When a trigger_hist row can't be found use the catalog and schema from the trigger definition to look up the table to "recreate" (chenson)
0003092: [Improvement] Remove sym_trigger_router.initial_load_batch_count. It is no longer used. (chenson)
0003112: [Improvement] Make Outgoing Batch and Incoming Batch Similar (maxwellpettit)
0003113: [Bug] Typo in sym_service.conf (chenson)
0003114: [New Feature] Update service detects new software versions (elong)
0003115: [Bug] You can miss sym_monitor_event sync's because they are on the heartbeat channel. Create a new "monitor" channel. (chenson)
0003120: [Task] Upgrade build to the latest version of gradle (chenson)
0003138: [Task] Default to false (chenson)
0003142: [New Feature] Sync Columns Between Incoming and Outgoing Batch (maxwellpettit)
0003168: [New Feature] Create CSV Router to route data from a CSV file into a database and update documentation. (kstojanovska)
0003209: [Improvement] Delay detection of offline nodes after restart (elong)
0003232: [Improvement] Upgrade Jetty to the latest version. Require Java 8. (chenson)
0003186: [Improvement] Support throttling multi-homed node startup (chenson)
0003220: [Improvement] Cannot Register a remote node to another remote node before initial load (chenson)
0003252: [Improvement] When inserting extract in background reload batches record the data_row_count during the insert of the RQ batch (chenson)
0003253: [Bug] ProcessInfo which is used to gather information about processes can be corrupted on push and pull because of threading in 3.8 (chenson)
0003256: [Bug] Extract stats aren't updated on common outgoing batch rows for nodes that did not do the actual extract (chenson)
0003260: [Bug] Incoming heartbeat batch can be left stranded in error (chenson)
0003261: [Improvement] During the reading of data to route, log every minute the progress to the log file like other processes do (chenson)
0003262: [Improvement] Add sym_node_channel_ctl to the snapshot (chenson)
0003281: [Improvement] Add caching to FileSyncService (kstojanovska)
0003283: [Improvement] Trigger creation fails on some platforms when multiple trigger threads working. (kstojanovska)
0003291: [Improvement] Disable 3DES ciphers that are vulnerable to Sweet32 Birthday attacks (elong)
0003325: [Improvement] Support cluster lock keep-alive for routing (mmichalek)
0003328: [Improvement] Detect when more than one instance of SymDS is connected the same DB but not clustered. (mmichalek)
0003284: [Improvement] Add details to email notifications (kstojanovska)
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