Released 2016-12-05
0002928: [Bug] Staging purge process fails to clean registration batch. Purge staging hourly based on absence of batch in batch tables (chenson)
0002920: [Bug] Offline mode extract is broken (chenson)
0002923: [Bug] Errors are being suppressed when they bubble up to the SymmetricDS Servlet and the nodes are multi-homed (chenson)
0002924: [Bug] java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: Idle timeout expired: 60000/60000 ms (chenson)
0002925: [New Feature] Add REST service that invokes a job (chenson)
0002926: [Improvement] Reference the latest postgres jar file so that postgres 9.6.1 works (chenson)
0002930: [Improvement] Add node offline monitor (chenson)
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