Released 2016-12-30
0002944: [Improvement] Attempt to recover if sym_trigger_hist is deleted. If the table and trigger can be found then recreate the row. (chenson)
0002947: [Bug] Auto resolve foreign key violation fails when table in different catalog or schema (elong)
0002909: [Bug] Built in extension points should be marked as built in extension points so they show up as such (chenson)
0002939: [Bug] MySQL store: Error after reload node (chenson)
0002936: [Improvement] Provide additional DB2 debug logging around global variables (mmichalek)
0002938: [Bug] Monitor event batches may get mistakenly ignored during heartbeat (mmichalek)
0002940: [Improvement] Sql Server - An implicit conversion on column [sym_outgoing_batch].[status] to data type "nchar" may be causing index su (chenson)
0002941: [Improvement] Update Oracle section to enhance 4k limit documentation and add subsections (chenson)
0002942: [Improvement] Make sym_data_gap regeneration more robust (mmichalek)
0002943: [Improvement] Add min and max sym_data.data_id to support snapshot (mmichalek)
0002945: [Improvement] Allow environment variables and system properties to be used as replacement properties in engine parameters at startup (chenson)
0002946: [Improvement] Provide explicit default and document the parameter (mmichalek)
0002948: [Bug] Columns mismatched with multiline clob and varchar columns with matching protocol data that happens to be in a new line (chenson)
0002949: [Bug] Statistics in sym_node_host_channel_stats are incorrect for extract and send as of 3.8.0 (chenson)
0002951: [Bug] Push HEAD request doesn't use the queue channel to reserve its connection so the request is effectively not doing anything (chenson)
0002952: [Bug] A sym_data row that can't be handled should be ignored. Not reprocessed over and over again. (chenson)
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