Released 2017-03-14
0003016: [Improvement] Don't refresh the sym_node cache on the update of sym_node records (chenson)
0003014: [Improvement] During Extract, ORA-01438: value larger than specified precision allowed for this column (mmichalek)
0003013: [Improvement] Update the heartbeat (sym_node_host) immediately on registration (chenson)
0002999: [Bug] When a node is disabled after it has expired sym_node_host should be deleted as well as sym_node_security (chenson)
0003000: [Bug] The registration ack for registration redirect does not work because the ack url is incorrectly rebuilt for the redirected ack (chenson)
0003002: [Improvement] Add a parameter to enable the old way to purge staging. Default will be (chenson)
0003005: [Bug] SequenceFactory may issue duplicate outgoing_batch (batch_id) sequence numbers when shared db transactions are rolled back (mmichalek)
0003007: [Bug] Initial Load or Table Reload extract may stall when file.sync.enable=true (mmichalek)
0003010: [Improvement] Batches get stranded in ready state in staging on a cluster because the ack that moves them to done occurs on a different server (chenson)
0003011: [Bug] Batches that are behind a transform change batch in the same sync get deleted because of staging purge (chenson)
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