Released 2017-05-01
0001261: [Bug] reload-table doesn't work with tables that have collate latin1_bin
0003075: [New Feature] Sync configuration on upgrade and as periodic job (elong)
0003076: [Bug] MySQL binary collation sequence causes incorrect decoding of text data from source (gwilmer)
0003066: [Improvement] Cache frequent use of AppUtils.getHostName() and AppUtils.getIpAddress() (mmichalek)
0002964: [Bug] MEDIUMTEXT/LONGTEXT columns being converted to hex representation on mysql data on extract at source node (maxwellpettit)
0003077: [Task] custom_variable_classes not used in PostgreSQL 9.2+ (maxwellpettit)
0003079: [Improvement] Add capture only changes support for SQLite (chenson)
0003081: [Improvement] Give unique names to the data loader and data extractor threads (chenson)
0003070: [Improvement] Log error details when SymmetricDS is unable to read table metadata (gwilmer)
0003069: [Improvement] Update documentation for 3.8 load balancers to use sticky sessions (josh-a-hicks)
0003080: [Improvement] Show failed batch extract errors even if there is problems updating outgoing batch status for the failure (gwilmer)
0003074: [Bug] Extracted request gets stuck if connection failes while sending batch (chenson)
0003067: [Improvement] Log information about long running routing similar to extract and load (maxwellpettit)
0003068: [Bug] MySQL Create Table with Timestamps (josh-a-hicks)
0003083: [Bug] Support initial load in background with stream to threshold set to a non-zero value (chenson)
0003073: [Bug] When auto.resolve.foreign.key.violation=true and circular fk dependencies exist SymmetricDS can blow up with an OOM error (chenson)
0003086: [Bug] Missing foreign key reference of null is not handled properly in the foreign key recovery code (chenson)
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