Released 2017-05-12
0003095: [New Feature] Add basic DDL replication (elong)
0003097: [Bug] Common batches can get an error if they are in memory and two nodes try to pull with just the right timing. (chenson)
0003105: [Improvement] The default is set to 30 minutes. Default to 2 hours instead. (chenson)
0003094: [Bug] Status of batches set to resend when error on channel (elong)
0003096: [Improvement] Variables in router target catalog and schema (elong)
0003099: [Bug] target and source node caches don't get refreshed when sym_node is sync'd to other nodes for the first time (chenson)
0003093: [Bug] Greenplum client won't register properly with master node (gwilmer)
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