Released 2017-06-05
0003133: [New Feature] Stream rows (josh-a-hicks)
0003104: [New Feature] Log Conflicts Resolutions (maxwellpettit)
0003118: [Bug] Only sync pro tables to professional target nodes. (mmichalek)
0003121: [Bug] Generic JDBC builder improperly handling delimiters (josh-a-hicks)
0003131: [Bug] null pointer when a table reload request is queued up and there is no sym_node_security row (chenson)
0002835: [Bug] Cannot access audit tables when db is postgressql (chenson)
0003129: [Bug] oracle.use.transaction.view=true can cause missing data on busy systems (chenson)
0003137: [Improvement] Updates to SymmetricDS tutorial (kstojanovska)
0003127: [Improvement] Add logging to the DBFRouter to log failed line number and field (chenson)
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