Released 2017-06-19
0003157: [Improvement] Allow bulk loaders to fall back to default loader when an error occurs (josh-a-hicks)
0003154: [Bug] Reopen registration sets created_at_node_id to be the selected node rather than registration server/managing node (kstojanovska)
0003145: [Improvement] Allow $(schemaName) variable in channel expression (elong)
0003147: [Improvement] Create table reload requests by channel (josh-a-hicks)
0003143: [Bug] Table reload request load sql using alias "t" will not work (josh-a-hicks)
0003148: [Bug] Stream rows does not honor sync key names if provided (josh-a-hicks)
0003150: [Bug] ProcessInfo duration is for the entire sync (versus batch) and the rows/sec is off because it is calculated using the total time (maxwellpettit)
0003155: [Bug] Refresh the group link cache when node group links are modified. (maxwellpettit)
0003156: [Improvement] Validate the number of table columns match the number of data elements before attempting to load data (chenson)
0003146: [Bug] Wildcards for schema and table on Oracle (elong)
0003162: [Bug] Empty batches are created on load when using subselect router (maxwellpettit)
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