Released 2017-11-06
0003294: [Bug] Loads that use a custom sql (truncate table %s) to not take into account transforms (josh-a-hicks)
0003286: [Improvement] dbcompare improvements (mmichalek)
0003275: [Improvement] Allow users to reset batch status to NE to force re-extraction of a batch (mmichalek)
0003297: [Bug] Treat Oracle DATE type as a TIMESTAMP (kstojanovska)
0003282: [Bug] Common batch extracts may fail when a cluster is using a shared staging area (mmichalek)
0002886: [Bug] Disabling self signed certificates (elong)
0003277: [Bug] null pointer during sorting of tables for initial load (josh-a-hicks)
0003278: [Bug] Fixes for NuoDB dialect (elong)
0003279: [Bug] Rest services return HTTP response code 200 when disabled, but should return a response code indicating something's wrong. (mmichalek)
0003285: [Improvement] Move loading of trigger_routers to more specific execution branch to reduce unneeded db calls (chenson)
0003288: [Bug] The cancellation of pending heartbeat batches can cause a deadlock on SQL Server (mmichalek)
0003293: [Bug] Resource leak when loading data from transport (chenson)
0003296: [Improvement] Routing should use a dirtySqlTemplate for getReadyChannels() (mmichalek)
0003298: [Bug] On Sybase ASE, SymmetricDS sometimes fails to detect triggers in different catalog (mmichalek)
0003300: [Improvement] Run fix data gaps by default the first time routing runs after a restart (chenson)
0003301: [Improvement] Don't package snapshot zip like a jar file. Use zip utility instead. (chenson)
0003302: [Improvement] Package all symmetric log files and wrapper log files in a system snapshot (chenson)
0003303: [Improvement] Include more outgoing batch rows in the snapshot (chenson)
0003304: [Improvement] For a failed batch log the channel it was on as well as the batch id. This will be useful to see in the log file (chenson)
0003287: [Bug] Invalid symbols in index name lead to sync error on SQLite (chenson)
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