Released 2019-03-14
0002244: [Bug] Self- Referential Foreign Keys result in Contraint violation when loading data (elong)
0003886: [Improvement] Initial load foreign key error auto resolve (elong)
0003806: [Improvement] Initial load large character (varchar 4000) columns and stay under SQL limit (elong)
0002760: [Improvement] Default the to true (elong)
0001229: [Bug] Opening registration causes nodes to complain until it registers
0003883: [Bug] Lost heartbeat when using more than two node groups (elong)
0003865: [Improvement] Improve logging readability and appropriate levels (elong)
0003858: [Improvement] Initial load share extract requests for multiple nodes (elong)
0003842: [Improvement] Immediately purge stage files for large loads (elong)
0003873: [Improvement] Keep alive for slow acknowledgement (elong)
0001452: [Bug] (firebird) schema creation fails
0002849: [Bug] Create Table maps a column originally created as an ENUM('y','n') to a Enum(2) (pmarzullo)
0000755: [Bug] When missing primary key, update where clause needs to use "is null" for null values (elong)
0003521: [Bug] Create Table First is creating table with all columns as primary key instead of none (josh-a-hicks)
0003882: [Bug] Registration stuck in "open" even though data still syncing over push link (elong)
0003384: [Bug] Various warnings appear when executing symadmin send-schema (elong)
0002751: [Bug] Incorrect Trig/Capture on Oracle Dialect When Lob Data > 4k and Channel contains_big_log = 0 & trigger use_capture_lobs = 1 (elong)
0003839: [Improvement] Trigger capture with fallback to slower use_capture_lob/contains_big_lob (Oracle) (elong)
0000827: [New Feature] Allow any error (not only unique constraint errors) be fixed using sym_incoming_error (josh-a-hicks)
0002546: [Bug] Foreign Keys Error not resolveable via INCOMING_ERROR resolve_ignore = 1 (elong)
0002434: [Improvement] Upgrade to Jaybird 3 for Firebird (elong)
0002426: [Bug] Sym server create Primary Keys for all fields in table without PK (josh-a-hicks)
0003853: [Improvement] Defer indexes and foreign key constraints for table creation until after initial load (elong)
0002904: [New Feature] Feature which allows one to exclude the Indexes getting replicated from server to clients (elong)
0003107: [Bug] Create table statement syntax error for tinyblob field (pmarzullo)
0003344: [Bug] start.refresh.cache.job=true leads to errors in cache refresh job - "query error" with query = 'null' (pmarzullo)
0003520: [Improvement] Symadmin should have an option to unregister a node (pmarzullo)
0003522: [Bug] Table creation Error while initial Load into oracle DB (initial.load.create.first=true) when using Default value SYS_GUID() (pmarzullo)
0003817: [Improvement] Initial load use estimated counts (elong)
0003610: [Bug] HSQLDB type OTHER support (pmarzullo)
0003647: [Bug] dbcompare: unclear error for duplicate table names in source tables argument (pmarzullo)
0003708: [Bug] Wildcard does not work when there is no wildcard at the beginning or the end of the text (pmarzullo)
0003748: [Bug] Batch was not complete (elong)
0003751: [New Feature] PostgreSQL 9.5 and newer can use "insert on conflict do nothing" for better performance (elong)
0003756: [Improvement] Change authentication failed from 403 to 659 (elong)
0003757: [Improvement] Stream LOB uses multiple queries per row when a table has multiple LOB columns (elong)
0003770: [Improvement] Remove deprecated and unused columns in SYM tables (elong)
0003784: [Improvement] More aggressive purge settings (elong)
0003785: [Improvement] Improve visibility of full and partial loads (josh-a-hicks)
0003809: [Improvement] Data extract and routing fallback to contains_big_lob (elong)
0003802: [Improvement] Faster two-pass initial load for tables with LOB on Oracle (elong)
0003814: [Improvement] Better handling of low disk space (elong)
0003818: [New Feature] Ability to ignore incoming error (josh-a-hicks)
0003824: [Improvement] Additional metrics on table_reload_request and extract_request to support loads (josh-a-hicks)
0003825: [Improvement] Oracle bulk loader using SQL*Loader sqlldr (elong)
0003830: [Improvement] Tibero bulk loader using tbLoader (elong)
0003833: [Improvement] Improve performance and accuracy of DDL retrieval of Oracle Indexes (3.10) (mmichalek)
0003836: [Bug] Fix DDL creation of ROWID column for Oracle (3.10) (mmichalek)
0003838: [Improvement] Ability to resolve a row in error on the incoming side and provide resolve data (josh-a-hicks)
0003847: [New Feature] Enhance fallback to handle duplicate key and foreign key errors (elong)
0003848: [Improvement] Upgrade of reload channels max batch size to be 10000 (josh-a-hicks)
0003857: [Improvement] NodeService.findNode(...) (cached versus non-cached), where to use correct one (pmarzullo)
0003863: [Bug] DbFill cascade and select handle composite and self-referencing foreign key (elong)
0003866: [New Feature] Support for oracle select hints to run parallel processes during initial load extraction (josh-a-hicks)
0003867: [Improvement] Increase default of max data to route (elong)
0003876: [Bug] The 'audit' router should not write rows to the audit table during a load (3.10) (mmichalek)
0003878: [Bug] MySQL Bulk loader support for BIT data types (josh-a-hicks)
0003881: [Improvement] Allow manual routing (pre-routing) of batches (elong)
0003884: [Improvement] Oracle LONG error when creating trigger (elong)
0003885: [Improvement] Routing run immediately when channel is full (elong)
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