Released 2018-03-16
0003329: [Bug] Unsuccessful upgrade from 3.7 to 3.8 (kpatierno)
0003446: [Bug] Batch extract locks aren't released when "java.lang.IllegalStateException: Had trouble renaming file." occurs. (mmichalek)
0003447: [Bug] Delaying triggers until after initial load when auto creating tables (elong)
0003448: [Bug] DataExtractorService can't create file lock first time due to missing 'common' directory (mmichalek)
0003450: [Bug] Prevent registration until sync triggers has run (elong)
0003453: [Bug] Purge of stranded data_events on PostgreSQL is too slow (elong)
0003456: [Bug] Stage management job does not use cluster locks (mmichalek)
0003491: [Bug] Incoming staging files can be purged by the staging manager before they are processed (gwilmer)
0003493: [Bug] Batches with status of RS (resend) are flagged as In Error. (gwilmer)
0003494: [Bug] Multiple channels in error, should sort batches order by oldest first (elong)
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