Released 2018-06-05
0003565: [Improvement] Add a new staging.dir parameter that controls the location of the staging area. (chenson)
0003544: [Improvement] Not all unique sqlite error message are respected on unique error detection (mmichalek)
0003547: [Improvement] Improve Sqlite DdlBuilder support
0003580: [Improvement] Treat misconfiguration more serious: initial.load.use.extract.job.enabled=true and (mmichalek)
0003586: [Improvement] Noorder sequence for performance on Oracle RAC (elong)
0003581: [New Feature] Cassandra support as a load only node (josh-a-hicks)
0003312: [Bug] Compare tablename case insensitiv on SQLite on trigger creation (mmichalek)
0003504: [Improvement] SyncTrigger slow due to synchronized this.getClass() on AbstractDatabasePlatform.getTableFromCache (mmichalek)
0003541: [Improvement] Caches should be cleared on a server restart (mmichalek)
0003557: [New Feature] MSSQL support for datetimeoffset data types. (josh-a-hicks)
0003559: [Improvement] Log expiration of data gaps at info level (mmichalek)
0003572: [Improvement] Improve SymmetricDS acknowledgement logging (mmichalek)
0003573: [New Feature] TopSpeed (TPS) Router (josh-a-hicks)
0003574: [Improvement] Improved logging for data truncation issues in Postgres (josh-a-hicks)
0003583: [Bug] Windows service installer missing config files (elong)
0003584: [Bug] Update BSH variables documentation (elong)
0003585: [Improvement] Default BSH column transform to return old value for deletes (elong)
0003588: [Bug] Configuring a custom job with a cron schedule may result in exceptions in the log and the custom job failing to start (mmichalek)
0003589: [Improvement] Initial load extract job should check file.sync.enabled parameter (elong)
0003590: [Bug] If routing is backed up and a restart happens gaps with data can be expired causing missing data (chenson)
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