Released 2018-12-27
0003837: [Improvement] MSSQL Support for datetime2 values that are before January 1, 1753 (josh-a-hicks)
0003840: [Bug] Fix situation where SQLite DDL could not rebuild a table (mmichalek)
0003835: [Bug] Fix DDL creation of ROWID column for Oracle (mmichalek)
0003831: [Improvement] Be more lenient in the calculation of whether a channel is common (chenson)
0003821: [Bug] DB2 timestamp columns do not pad year if less than 4 chars (josh-a-hicks)
0003823: [Improvement] Improve performance and accuracy of DDL retrieval of Oracle Indexes (mmichalek)
0003777: [Bug] Multiple table reloads are put into single batch (elong)
0003786: [Bug] NullPointerException when batch in error trying to log SQL details (elong)
0003788: [Bug] When a database is offline, some symmetricds jobs can stop processing if the parameter cache times out and a job runs. (chenson)
0003791: [Bug] Windows service installation will not work if the directory contains spaces (elong)
0003798: [Bug] Allow a trigger router to be considered for common batches that sync in one direction even though ... (chenson)
0003807: [Bug] Symmetric startup is very slow when there are lots of staging files on a SAN (3.9) (mmichalek)
0003808: [Improvement] Allow override of Symmetric web home (which defaults to '/') (3.9) (mmichalek)
0003812: [Bug] Router exception can expire gaps that contain data (3.9) (elong)
0003813: [Bug] DBExport Option for no-foreign-keys not working with XML format (elong)
0003815: [Bug] Create tables with a source foreign key in a non default catalog and/or schema to a target with default catalog/schema (josh-a-hicks)
0003816: [Bug] Newer versions of H2 try to alter decimal scale every time because NUMERIC_SCALE is 0. DECIMAL_DIGITS should be used instead (chenson)
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