Released 2019-11-15
Enhanced performance of routing and purging, extract-only nodes, improved security of node authentication, and support for SAP HANA
0002979: [New Feature] Support SAP HANA as target for replication (josh-a-hicks)
0004103: [Improvement] Drop router_id column from sym_data_event to improve size and performance (elong)
0003901: [Bug] MSSQL: Updating multiple rows in source table results in reversed rows in destination table (pmarzullo)
0004079: [Improvement] Refresh lock for purge service (elong)
0004094: [New Feature] Routing common batch mode for groups of nodes (elong)
0004095: [Improvement] Unrouted count should check current sequence instead of running max(data_id) (elong)
0004096: [Improvement] Change routing parameter default to always query with gaps (elong)
0004099: [Improvement] Move default location of H2 and Derby database files to <SYM_HOME>/db instead of <SYM_HOME>/tmp (pmarzullo)
0002864: [Improvement] Raise an error if an MSSQL Update fails to get captured (pmarzullo)
0004097: [New Feature] Router convertToReload that converts multiple changes into a reload batch (elong)
0004041: [New Feature] Extract only nodes (josh-a-hicks)
0004093: [New Feature] Queue initial load in its own job (elong)
0004105: [Improvement] Snapshot: use log file names from log4j configuration to filter files to include in snapshot (pmarzullo)
0004113: [Bug] Postgres Time column type can't be converted to Timestamp column type without a cast when restoring the data (pmarzullo)
0004119: [New Feature] Security token in header and session authentication (elong)
0004120: [Improvement] Common batch staging with sub-directories (elong)
0004140: [Bug] Purge job performance with offline nodes (elong)
0004143: [Improvement] Remove ping back enabled from trigger router (elong)
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