Released 2019-04-23
0003793: [Improvement] Optimize routing query for Oracle when majority of sym_data is unrouted (mmichalek)
0003575: [Bug] Starting a new process even though the previous 'File Sync Push' process had not finished (mmichalek)
0003913: [Bug] Exception during keep alive can cause concurrent loading of batches (mmichalek)
0003792: [Bug] Routing bottleneck on long routing runs (mmichalek)
0003795: [Improvement] More efficient routing for non-transactional channels (mmichalek)
0003890: [Bug] DB2 for i version 6 and earlier: LPAD not available (elong)
0003880: [New Feature] Snowflake data loader (josh-a-hicks)
0003892: [Improvement] MySQL Version 8 returning error code 1216 when foreign key constraint is violated (used to be 1452) (pmarzullo)
0003899: [Bug] When changing just a LOB field on SQL Server, the change is not captured by the trigger (pmarzullo)
0003900: [Improvement] Improve performance of Oracle RAC routing processing (mmichalek)
0003903: [Bug] Dashboard refresh data uses Vaadin UI component without locking (pmarzullo)
0003911: [New Feature] LDAP Base DN specification should be able to provide more than one LDAP tree for searching (also in 3.8 using issue 0003910) (pmarzullo)
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