Released 2019-05-08
0001279: [Bug] Derby - clob - primary key (date) (elong)
0003925: [Improvement] While using initial load and reverse initial load flags on node_security also create a table_reload_request (josh-a-hicks)
0001957: [Bug] Redundant condition in AbstractParameterService.getString (elong)
0003924: [Improvement] When load configured to clear table first, it should clear table again when restarting load (josh-a-hicks)
0003935: [Bug] Error "database is locked" on SQLite during initial load (elong)
0003319: [Bug] Stopping the engine on the main node via REST stops the whole system (elong)
0003932: [Bug] Routing fails when data data gaps exceed $(selectDataUsingStartDataIdHint) (3.10) (mmichalek)
0003929: [Improvement] Improve logging of offline scenarios (3.10) (mmichalek)
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