Released 2019-06-25
0003971: [Bug] fix possible null dereference issues (user606)
0003968: [Improvement] Inner classes should be made static for efficiency and to reduce coupling (user606)
0004009: [Improvement] Improve logging for conflict resolution (elong)
0003917: [Improvement] In the snapshot, include sym_data records for batches that are in ERROR (user606)
0003973: [Bug] Putting in non-numeric string for numeric parameters causes error (user606)
0000963: [Bug] Update and delete does not sync on tables with varbinary primary key (josh-a-hicks)
0003987: [Bug] Add varbinary support for H2 (elong)
0003953: [Bug] Firebird 2.5 trying to recreate existing tables (metadata problem with Jaybird 3.x driver) (elong)
0002563: [Bug] When Primary key is binary; SymmetricDS fails capture changes. (josh-a-hicks)
0002612: [Improvement] DBExport Should Allow Excluding Specific Columns From the Export (user606)
0003936: [Bug] MSSQL Server to allow varbinary and binary in the where clause (updates and deletes) (josh-a-hicks)
0003974: [Bug] Too many threads, crashing server (elong)
0003242: [Bug] Running DS as a Windows Service in a folder path that contains whitespace causes error (user606)
0004005: [Bug] Initial load batches are not purging immediately on incoming side (elong)
0003512: [Improvement] Make snapshot name configurable (user606)
0003659: [Bug] SqlAnywhere dialect crashes when DB name has special char (user606)
0003844: [Bug] "Failed to execute: CREATE TABLE" in PostgreSQL 9.6 (BIT data type with default) (pmarzullo)
0003868: [Bug] SymmetricDS fails to create SQLITE3 tables on initial load if table name conflicts with reserved SQL keywords. (user606)
0003977: [Bug] Stream LOB fails (NullPointerException) when row is missing during extraction (elong)
0003978: [Bug] SQLAnywhere will not create engine when database name contains hyphen (user606)
0003980: [Bug] Exception when dashboard refreshes node status panel (pmarzullo)
0003982: [Bug] MSSQL ddl reader fails if user does not have access to a catalog (josh-a-hicks)
0003984: [Bug] SymmetricDS doesn't respect the sticky session setting for AWS ELB ALB which can result in resending logging when under stress (elong)
0003988: [Bug] Table name with comma won't sync (elong)
0003989: [Improvement] Java versions 11 and 12 should work with SymmetricDS (pmarzullo)
0003992: [Bug] Create-Table batches resulting from a Load Data "Create Table" aren't being marked with a load id (elong)
0003994: [Bug] DbExport CSV file should escape quote characters with double quotes (user606)
0004003: [Bug] MySQL table creation failed for ENUM during initial load (elong)
0003990: [Bug] dbcompare use-sym-config ignore table name argument (user606)
0003991: [Bug] dbcompare null pointers with basic setup with two source tables to a target with no transforms (user606)
0004002: [Bug] Table name with special characters won't sync (elong)
0004011: [Bug] DBCompare does not use catalog/schema properly on MySQL (mmichalek)
0004012: [Bug] Post-create batches for a Load Data operation are not created in the case where wildcards are involved. (elong)
0004016: [Improvement] Lack of -s option in symadmin help send-schema (elong)
0004018: [Bug] User table creation fails when table exists in another user's schema (elong)
0004019: [Bug] Skipping a batch that contains a CREATE event gets a NullPointerException (elong)
0004020: [Improvement] Allow file router to include transaction ID (user606)
0004021: [Bug] On every startup with MariaDB, alters to SYM tables (elong)
0003959: [Bug] Possible race conditions in parameters, MongoDB, and initializing nodes (user606)
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