Released 2019-11-01
0004080: [Bug] Sym file snapshot batch sent as part of initial load (josh-a-hicks)
0003920: [Improvement] In PostgreSQL trigger function should be SECURITY DEFINER (elong)
0003993: [Improvement] Truncate host name to fit into 60 char database limit (elong)
0004085: [Improvement] Logging of data gaps in router service can use too much memory (elong)
0004086: [Improvement] Optimize network usage on pull by closing connection as soon as batches are transferred (elong)
0004088: [Bug] Failed to delete blocking row (elong)
0004101: [Bug] Batch staging manager does not purge old .create files (elong)
0004104: [Improvement] Snapshot: use log file names from log4j configuration to filter files to include in snapshot (pmarzullo)
0004110: [Improvement] Improve performance of purge stranded data (elong)
0004112: [Bug] Postgres Time column type can't be converted to Timestamp column type without a cast when restoring the data (pmarzullo)
0004115: [Bug] MySQL zero date to null works on initial load but not change capture (elong)
0004118: [Bug] Bulk loading performance into Postgres degraded in 3.10 (elong)
0004081: [Improvement] DBFill support for auto increment columns (josh-a-hicks)
0004084: [Bug] DB2 AS400 dialect is mis-identified as Generic (elong)
0004106: [Bug] Extraction of double byte characters from sym_data exceeding a size of 4000 will fail and not fall back (josh-a-hicks)
0004122: [Improvement] Upgrade redshift driver (elong)
0004111: [Bug] Server node with at least one offline client does not update its heartbeat (elong)
0004125: [Improvement] Excluded columns that are part of an index but the index remains in table object (elong)
0004126: [New Feature] Add a IClientReloadListener to add a hook for reloads on the client (elong)
0004128: [Improvement] Processed count job stats for purge and staging clean (elong)
0004130: [Improvement] Add data_event_type variable to subselect router (elong)
0004131: [Bug] DB2 AS400 error trying to remove a column (elong)
0004136: [Bug] Oracle character set problem with "value too large for column" (elong)
0004137: [Bug] Initial load table with 0 rows doesn't close off all estimated batches (pmarzullo)
0004138: [Bug] LOBs that have values too large to store in a java array will crash the SymmetricDS JVM (josh-a-hicks)
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