Released 2020-05-26
0004334: [New Feature] Provide tool to backup and restore configuration that does not reside in the database (pmarzullo)
0002292: [Bug] Cannot replicate the table with foreign key to non-replicated table
0002278: [Bug] File sync during initial load doesn't work
0001866: [Bug] PostgreSQL, postgresql_bulk handle money type (elong)
0003919: [Bug] Symmetric does not locate file upon application reload in WebLogic container (elong)
0002058: [Bug] Similar long table names fail to create trigger (elong)
0002439: [Bug] PostgreSQL 9.5 Beta 1 no longer supports autocommit option (elong)
0002579: [Improvement] authentication before using REST api (elong)
0004331: [Bug] symmetrcDS war deployment fails on tomcat (elong)
0004263: [Bug] mx4j without auth (elong)
0004360: [Improvement] Record node login failures and prevent too many logins (elong)
0004167: [Improvement] sym_router table should require router_type value, providing a default value of 'default' (elong)
0004226: [Bug] Table trigger configuration - Sync on Insert/Delete/Update Condition, wrong Sync Condition example (elong)
0004229: [Bug] [Docs] Invalid column name in "Example 2. Sample Group Links" (elong)
0004279: [Improvement] Remove JAR files that are not used as often to download separately (elong)
0004302: [Improvement] Conflict resolution NEWER_TIME based on capture time of row (elong)
0004351: [Improvement] Change registration to send request parameters as POST instead of GET (elong)
0004352: [Improvement] Sybase dialect should enable row locking and set identity gap (elong)
0004401: [Bug] Oracle ntype characters lost from conversion in capture (elong)
0004402: [Bug] Default the back to false since it only works reliably on Unix (elong)
0003972: [Bug] Tables become out of sync due incorrect conflict detection (and/or invalid conflict resolution) (elong)
0004192: [Improvement] Non-unique index on sym_data should be unique (elong)
0004303: [Improvement] Change default of dataloader.apply.changes.only to true to support better conflict resolution (elong)
0004322: [Improvement] Upgrade to swagger 2, optional swagger-ui as module (elong)
0004324: [Improvement] Upgrade to log4j2 (elong)
0004338: [New Feature] Use HTTP/2 for encrypted HTTPS synchronization (elong)
0004356: [New Feature] Extension points to provide credentials and authorize remote node registration (elong)
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