Released 2020-01-02
0003834: [Bug] Startup fails on Interbase trying to insert sym_monitor bec "type" is reserved word (elong)
0004197: [Bug] In the documentation of lookup transform it says a column name can be accessed by :MY_COLUMN (elong)
0004199: [Bug] NPE loading batch with JdbcBatchBulkDatabaseWriter data loader "bulk" (elong)
0004202: [Bug] Oracle Decimal precision can contain 40 digits after the decimal but sync only sends 39 (elong)
0004204: [Improvement] Efficient logging of trigger hist and trigger router problems (elong)
0004205: [Improvement] Disable initial load in background if max batch size is 1 (elong)
0004209: [Bug] ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException getPkDataFor while loading batch (elong)
0004211: [Bug] MSSQL JDBC 7.4 with Azure causing NullPointerException while reading tables (elong)
0004212: [Bug] Resolve foreign key violation can pick up table from wrong catalog or schema (elong)
0004218: [Improvement] Prevent hash collision when routing common batch groups (elong)
0004219: [Improvement] Routing should use transaction and batch mode to insert multiple sym_outgoing_batch rows (elong)
0004221: [Bug] DB2 delete statement should not specify "reuse storage immediate" (pmarzullo)
0004222: [Bug] DB2 truncate before table load needs to commit early in order for truncate to work (pmarzullo)
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