Released 2020-01-23
0004062: [Bug] SimpleDateFormat is incompatible with PostgreSql microsecond template
0004246: [Bug] Conflict Resolution: Problem with timestamp with time zones as the USE_TIMESTAMP column (pmarzullo)
0004224: [Bug] getTruncateSql() should use getDeleteSql() when dialect does not support truncate (pmarzullo)
0004227: [Improvement] Data gap detector should use batch mode to insert and delete sym_data_gap (elong)
0004228: [Improvement] Recreate keystore if missing (elong)
0004232: [Improvement] Java 9 and newer class not found javax.xml.bind.DatatypeConverter (elong)
0004234: [Improvement] Upgrade of sym_data_event is slow (elong)
0004235: [Improvement] Kafka driver outputs INFO log message, causing noise in the log (pmarzullo)
0004240: [Improvement] Parameter to route incoming changes as non-common batches when using common groups (elong)
0004241: [Improvement] Potential bottleneck from hitting sequence service during routing large number of nodes (elong)
0004242: [Bug] Jdbc Batch Loader support for MSSQL Identity Inserts and IllegalStateExceptions (josh-a-hicks)
0004250: [Improvement] MailService: Allow the specification of TO, CC, and BCC recipients in the MailService service (pmarzullo)
0004253: [Improvement] DbCompare: continue on processing rows when parse of value causes exception (pmarzullo)
0004256: [Bug] Oracle trigger creates row data and old data when streaming row (pmarzullo)
0004260: [Bug] Custom delete statement during initial load is overridden (elong)
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