Released 2020-02-14
0004262: [Bug] When max loads reached, new load with initial_load_enabled keeps entering rows into sym_table_reload_request (elong)
0004266: [Improvement] Snapshot: For MySql, add the 'show variables' output (elong)
0004269: [Bug] Multi-master configuration with 3 nodes doesn't work (pmarzullo)
0004270: [Improvement] Oracle Bulk Loader: Allow specification of input file character set (pmarzullo)
0004273: [Bug] FormatUtils parseTimestampWithTimezone interprets fractional seconds incorrectly (pmarzullo)
0004278: [Bug] Adding node to instance without registration server does not have access to all node groups (pmarzullo)
0004280: [Improvement] Oracle Bulk Loader: Allow specification of field terminator and line terminator (pmarzullo)
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