Released 2020-11-09
0004490: [Bug] Log issue when data truncation occurs, causing null pointer exception (pmarzullo)
0004456: [Bug] StagedResource should use a more robust file rename function (pmarzullo)
0004470: [Bug] Database name with special character like minus sign, fails to create trigger when in same database (pmarzullo)
0004471: [Bug] DataExtractorService fails to set StagedResource for extracted file to DONE (pmarzullo)
0004472: [Bug] Staging Purge stops extracts from continuing on when running on the same instance (pmarzullo)
0004481: [Bug] NPE on startup from cluster service (elong)
0004489: [Bug] Node host channel stats sent count inflated (elong)
0004494: [Bug] If node registers, immediate pull causes server to indicate that node is not registered (pmarzullo)
0004529: [Bug] Postgres Varchar column with no defined length getting converted to a LONGVARCHAR (pmarzullo)
0004545: [Bug] Data Extractor gets "java.lang.IllegalStateException: There is no content to read" from staging (elong)
0004578: [Bug] SQL-Server bulk loader not allowing create events (elong)
0004580: [Bug] SQL Server bulk loader data conversion with decimal scientific notation (elong)
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