Released 2020-09-23
0004565: [Bug] New Group Link should send node info to nodes in source node group ID and to nodes in target node group ID (pmarzullo)
0004527: [Improvement] dbexport structure and data of tables from the database to tibero format files (pmarzullo)
0004519: [Bug] Database name with special character like minus sign, fails to create trigger when in same database (pmarzullo)
0004507: [Bug] Master to master setup fails to send initial load if registering with a node other than registration server (josh-a-hicks)
0004522: [Bug] DbCompare does not seem to support schema/database prefixed table names for at least the target node (elong)
0004526: [Bug] [dbcompare command] - Generate script wrongly (elong)
0004531: [Bug] Postgres Varchar column with no defined length getting converted to a LONGVARCHAR (pmarzullo)
0004538: [Improvement] Suppress first deadlock, FK, or protocol violation error to allow retry (elong)
0004544: [Improvement] Batch acknowledgement lookup failed data ID only once (elong)
0004547: [Bug] Data Extractor gets "java.lang.IllegalStateException: There is no content to read" from staging (elong)
0004548: [Bug] Oracle Bulk Loader: quote columns in control file if db.delimited.identifier.mode is set to true (pmarzullo)
0004549: [Bug] Documentation: Transform Column Policy has invalid choice (pmarzullo)
0004551: [Bug] Initial load time empty at client (elong)
0004553: [Bug] Transforms break deletes when transforming primary key column and not capturing old data as specified in trigger (pmarzullo)
0004557: [Bug] Stream to file, Illegal State Exception: There is no content to read. Memory buffer was empty (elong)
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