Released 2020-11-09
0004572: [Improvement] how to stop one node's service
0004612: [Bug] SQL Server primary key update should create update event when only one record is updated (pmarzullo)
0004625: [Improvement] Multi-primary out of sync with initial load on busy system (elong)
0004574: [Bug] Column match routers can mark batches unrouted with initial load select set in table reload request only (josh-a-hicks)
0004627: [Bug] Hardcoded KeyManagerFactory algorithm (sunX509). Symmetric doesn't work for IBM JRE (pmarzullo)
0004568: [Improvement] SQL Server supports filtered indexes, need to add support of filtered indexes in ddlutils (pmarzullo)
0004577: [Bug] Restrict pro tables from syncing to invalid versions and open source deployments (josh-a-hicks)
0004579: [New Feature] SQL Server supports data compression on tables and indexes, add support for this in DDLUtils (pmarzullo)
0004582: [Bug] Heartbeat job should catch exceptions from heartbeat listeners (pmarzullo)
0004591: [Bug] Multi-primary out of sync race condition with NEWER_WINS conflicts (elong)
0004593: [Improvement] Symadmin send-schema should allow specification to not send indices, foreign keys, and column default values (pmarzullo)
0004596: [Improvement] Upgrade dependent libraries (elong)
0004598: [Bug] SQL Server bulk loader data conversion with decimal scientific notation (elong)
0004600: [Bug] SQL-Server bulk loader not allowing create events (elong)
0004607: [Bug] JMX invalid username or password on Java 11 (elong)
0004610: [Bug] Postgres Conflict Resolution fails to resolve (pmarzullo)
0004614: [Improvement] SQL Server trigger creation should use CREATE OR ALTER TRIGGER syntax to eliminate the loss of data capture (pmarzullo)
0004619: [Bug] dbcompare using only first table on command line (elong)
0004630: [Bug] TransportManagerFactory needs to call SelfSignedX509TrustManager constructor with actual trust store used instead of null (pmarzullo)
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