Released 2021-02-25
0004764: [Bug] Raima Create Snapshot does not work (pmarzullo)
0004838: [New Feature] New extension point that can be used while obtaining a list of tables for a given trigger configuration (josh-a-hicks)
0004873: [Bug] "Old Data" comparison fails on Derby for LONG VARCHAR data types (nrichardson)
0004852: [Bug] Registration server script using extensions (elong)
0004571: [Bug] Password file read access must be restricted: security/jmxremote.password (elong)
0004573: [Bug] Dynamic Query Builder support for bit (josh-a-hicks)
0004765: [Improvement] Prevent blocking on Firebird with lock timeout (elong)
0004780: [Improvement] JMX batch and data count attributes (elong)
0004782: [Improvement] Reduce dependency on log4j2 for deployments without it (elong)
0004783: [Bug] Initial load can slow down when batches on other channels cause conflict resolution (elong)
0004786: [Bug] Force trigger regenerate does not work properly (elong)
0004797: [Bug] JMX local host name unknown (elong)
0004798: [Bug] No data found while correcting foreign key error for reload batch (elong)
0004802: [Bug] On Tomcat, ack was not sent successfully: Premature EOF (elong)
0004804: [New Feature] MSSQL log based change tracking loop protection and sync on incoming support (josh-a-hicks)
0004810: [Bug] Fix casting in MsSqlDmlStatement (emiller)
0004814: [Bug] binary column that is zero length (not null) sends to null to target during initial load (pmarzullo)
0004817: [Bug] "smallint out of range" exception when incrementing failed login count > 32767 (elong)
0004818: [Bug] Fix SqlException when generating snapshot from a node with an Oracle database (emiller)
0004819: [Improvement] Improve WAR deployment (elong)
0004821: [Improvement] Add unit tests for massageForLimitOffset() (emiller)
0004823: [Bug] Postgres unique constraint causes current transaction is aborted (elong)
0004828: [Improvement] Log an error instead of a warning when a trigger's source table doesn't exist (emiller)
0004831: [Bug] Initial Load events for config tables need to use correct dialect when running load only, extract only, or log miner (pmarzullo)
0004833: [Bug] Can't export batch that includes sym_node_security (elong)
0004835: [Improvement] Allow spaces in external id (josh-a-hicks)
0004840: [Bug] Sybase ASE primary key update should create update event when only one record is updated (pmarzullo)
0004842: [Bug] Exception during registration with multi-primary (elong)
0004843: [Bug] Push and pull errors while node registration is pending (elong)
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