Released 2021-03-30
0004929: [Bug] Fix SQL explorer row editor (emiller)
0002415: [Bug] Reload a table causes ORA-01652: unable to extend temp segment by 128 in tablespace (elong)
0004454: [Bug] Monitors: Memory and CPU do not provide detailed monitor information (pmarzullo)
0004847: [Improvement] MSSQL switch to use session_context instead of context_info() (josh-a-hicks)
0004849: [Bug] Firebird result set is closed after routing (elong)
0004859: [Bug] SQL-Server error cannot update identity column during auto resolution (elong)
0004860: [Bug] Invalid module during startup after upgrade (elong)
0004862: [Bug] Create WAR gets instance.uuid does not exist (elong)
0004865: [Improvement] Update deployment sub type on sym_node to include log based and load only (josh-a-hicks)
0004866: [Bug] Expandable trigger support for trigger names (josh-a-hicks)
0004867: [Bug] Fix ClassCastException in SQL explorer (emiller)
0004880: [Bug] Upgrade DBCP and Vaadin libraries (elong)
0004884: [Bug] Docker image doesn't start because security directory permissions (elong)
0004888: [Bug] SQL Server 2016 using SESSION_CONTEXT only works with SQL Server JDBC driver, not the JTDS driver (pmarzullo)
0004892: [Bug] NPE in mail service (elong)
0004900: [Bug] Symmetric upgrade with Firebird database fails to upgrade when upgrading to 3.12 (pmarzullo)
0004902: [Bug] Auto resolve when primary key has binary/varbinary (elong)
0004903: [Bug] Oracle bulk loader not being used on Oracle >= 12.2 (elong)
0004906: [Bug] Sybase ASE: update trigger needs to set nocount on on very first statement (pmarzullo)
0004916: [Bug] SYM_DESIGN_DIAGRAM and SYM_DIAGRAM_GROUP need to be filtered out when routing to certain nodes (pmarzullo)
0004925: [Improvement] Add a new parameter that allows you to control the trigger prefix independent of the table prefix (chenson)
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